Grant Gee Creates
Radiohead Vignette

Our very own Grant Gee has been recruited by Radiohead to shoot a short vignette for their song ‘The Numbers’. To promote their newest album ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’, the band has been working with some of the most influential contemporary filmmakers including Paul Thomas Anderson, Ben Wheatley, Yorgos Lanthimos and Richard Ayoade.

Grant’s short Vignette was shot in Port Talbot in the streets around the doomed steelworks and features people who live there.

“The idea was to make a portrait that felt sci-fi sad, beautiful and apocalyptic.”

Grant has maintained a long standing relationship with Radiohead. He created both the renowned music video for ‘No Surprises’, featuring Thom Yorke in a diving helmet slowly filling with water, and ‘Meeting People is Easy’, the seminal behind-the-scenes documentary of Radiohead on tour.

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